Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little House in the Suburbs

Shortly after John and I met, he said he pictured me in a yard filled with butterflies and a goat or two. Six years later we don’t have the goats (yet), but we do have butterflies, bees, and birds. For the last few days, the goldfinches have been making merry in the yard, feasting on the seedheads of purple anise hyssop flowers outside our window.

Inside the house live our seven “indoor birds” – five cockatiels and two parakeets. Our indoor vegetable gardens are thriving. John is growing pepper plants under lights. The bell peppers are a little small but healthy looking, and starting to turn red. The nardello peppers (mild sweet chilis) are gorgeous. We’re trying out dwarf eggplants – what a coup that could be – eggplants without the annoyance of flea beetles!

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