Saturday, April 9, 2011

Many happy returns of spring

They're here: spring beauties, hepatica, bloodroot, blooming in my yard. Cinnamon ferns are preparing to unfurl, while the bluebells are in their early phase, the flowers not yet bells, but small round balls.

I was thrilled to see that my two twinleaf plants, Jeffersonia diphylla, that I thought I'd killed for sure, have returned. In fact one of them has already bloomed, leaving behind the tight little seedhead, apparently the type that springs open and flings out the seed. I'm watching carefully to see if I can catch the second plant during its brief period of bloom.

Twinleaf with seedhead
Also exciting, two days ago I saw my first butterfly of the season. I've seen (and heard) a few bees, including, today, a bumblebee. Alas, no mason bees have their way to the bee tubes I set out last spring. Maybe they have no need, and have found other places to nest in the yard. Or maybe our cool spring is slowing things down for them.